Diamant **

it's a really fast and agile daysailor


Sailing can be so easy

Sailing tests with the brand new DIAMANT** have shown that the new design concept works 100%. The boat is easy to sail and has far exceeded our expectations. Despite the larger mainsail, the boat is now more stable and offers more space in an exceptionally tidy cockpit. There are no unnecessary lines or sheets around, and the view to leeward is completely unobstructed. The self-tacking jib and the absence of running backstays further simplify sailing.

New design concept

Like its bigger sister, the DIAMANT***, the DIAMANT** has neither a backstay nor running backstays. The ease of use and the available space have been significantly improved compared to its predecessor. Due to the absence of all kinds of backstays, the mainsail could be extended a whole meter at the top (fat head), giving the boat the same sail area as before. The boat is sailed without a genoa, only with a self-tacking jib and, if desired, with a gennaker.

Cabin roofCabin roof

Under water

Due to the larger mainsail, the lateral center of the keel has been moved slightly backward, and the center of gravity forward at the same time. The draft has remained the same, but the lead ballast has been moved further down. This was made possible by the modern design of the keel bulb. All this gives the boat significantly more sailing comfort with the same displacement and draft.

Comfort below deck

The cabin is much more spacious now. Due to the modified rigg, the previously necessary bulkheads could be eliminated, simplifying access to the bow section. The new, large windows on both sides come as standard and provide plenty of light below deck. Large stowage bags on the sides allow personal items to be kept safely, and optional ceiling and wall paneling is also available to increase the feel-good factor.