rigid inflatable boat with jet propulsion and inboard engine

OPN 610 - RIPOPN 610 - RIP

OPN 610 rigid inflatable boat (RIB)

with modern light metal inboard engine and jet propulsion.

The new rigid inflatable boat OPN 610 is the first model of a new RIB generation from Lake Constance. It impresses with its purist, functional and timeless design and has been consistently designed for ride comfort and liberty of action. With the inboard engine Weber MPE 850 and it's jet propulsion, the boat features with its integrated swim platform with unobstructed access to the water and safe bathing fun.

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OPN Boats

Optional features such as teak deck, T-top, deck- and underwater lights, cushions and sound system make the boat a remarkable locomotion means on water which is versatily useful as a pleasure boat, trailer boat, tender, regatta glider and also for wakeboarding. OPN 610, an individual RIB for special hours on the water !