New Sailing yachts, 2nd hand boats and shipyard services at Lake Constance

Sailing yachts: Aphrodite IOI, Diamant***, Diamant 2000, International 806 and the H-Boat.
Services: Osmosis treatment, Yacht Laquering, Winter storage and Boat building.

Sailing Yachts

new Sailing yachts

Aphrodite IOI, Diamant***, Diamant 2000, International 806, H-Boat

2nd hand boats

2nd hand boats

We have a constantly changing offer of used boats from different classes...


Shipyard service

Boatbuilding, out and in, winter storage and repair, yacht painting...

Osmosis treatment

Osmosis treatment

Unfortunately, polyester laminate only looks watertight at the first glance...

Spare parts

Spare parts

Here you will find a large selection of spare parts for our yachts...

OPN 610 - RIP

OPN 610

The new rigid inflatable boat OPN 610 with jet propulsion is the...

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Ultramarin Boatsshow

Our preparations for the Ultramarin Boat Show 2018 in Meichle + Mohr Marina Start Boating are in the pipeline. After watering an Aphrodite IOI we also rigged our Diamant ***.

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Sowe can bring both yachts together with the rigid inflatable boat OPN 610 and our electric boat eFun 485 to the start Boating in the Ultramarine on May 5th and 6th


watering via a slipway

Letting swim a Diamant 3000 at the Lake Ammersee in Germany. There we are allowed to water the boat of our customer every autumn and spring via a slipway. Basically a great thing, but it should never have wind and waves when slipping, with winds and waves it does not work.


2nd hand boats

take a look at our current offer of second-hand boats

As a shipyard here on Lake Constance and sales point of our own sailing yachts Aphrodite IOI, Diamant 2000 and Diamant***, H-Boat and International 806 we have a constant demand for second-hand boats outside of our own yacht program. We regularly receive visits and inquiries from our customers.

A selection of our current offer:
2nd hand boat OPN 610

OPN 610
Ott shipyard OPN 610, built: 2016, EUR 49.000

2nd hand boat Diamant 3000

Diamant 3000
Ott shipyard DIAMANT 3000, built: 2014, EUR 125.000

2nd hand boat Aphrodite 101

Aphrodite 101
Bachs APHRODITE 101, built: 1991, EUR 49.000