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The standard luff curve of the mainsail is full and cut to fit the masts manufactured by John-Mast and Nordic-Mast, both of whom use the same aluminium profile. The advantage: the lower shrouds can be kept relatively loose and do not need to be specially slackened for more wind. For isomat masts, which are generally more rigid and fitted on older boats, we have a slightly longer luff curve, since these masts do not bend as much when operating the backstay, so that the sail can be trimmed more fully for more wind. Mainsail type OM-1B-ISO. (Explanation of luff curve: the luff curve of a sail determines whether a sail tends to fall fully or flat in the airstream, e.g. a large luff curve = full sail). The sail comes in crosscut design, which means that it has a horizontal panel design made of 6.5 oz Polykote Dacron cloth. The sail battens are supplied in the lengths which have been quoted in the class specifications for Lake Constance since November 1997. The three lower battens are 880 mm long. The upper batten pocket is designed as a replacement batten pocket / double batten pocket, which can be used to insert the standard 660 mm long batten or the new full length top batten as required. This is made possible thanks to the fact that the uppermost batten is disengaged, in accordance with the class specifications. Since the battens are normally inserted into the sail at right angles to the leech rather than to the mast, (this is determined by the sail profile), the uppermost full length batten creates problems when folding up the sail due to the mast track slide on the mainsail (with the IOI, however, the sail always remains attached to the mast).

You either more or less have to push the batten down onto the boom with force, which can cause damage to the luff of the sail, or remove it entirely. The advantage of the replacement / double batten pocket is that the full length batten can be used during regattas, forming a better profile in the upper section of the mainsail. For cruising, the full length top batten can be replaced by the short 660 mm batten and kept in the sail, which again ensures simple, easy folding of the sail on the main boom. Priority is given to the full length top batten when making the sail. All batten pockets have a patent velcro fastening for tensioning the battens and locking them into place. The sail comes with one reef as a standard fitting. A second row of reefs is available on request at no additional charge. The foot of the mainsail is fitted with a "soft foot", which means that an additional cloth panel is incorporated into the foot of the sail, making the sail fuller when the foot is extended. When the foot of the sail is full, this soft foot stretches out, wraps itself onto the main boom as a sheet and makes the foot of the sail very flat. The additional sail fittings have profiled battens, two camber stripes in blue, ticklers on the leech on every batten, class insignia in blue, sail number with national lettering in blue. The measurement of the sail and the sail bag (available as a rolling bag on request) are naturally included in the price.

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