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For the genoa, we have tested different Mylar materials and cloth weights. The Pentex Mylar from Contender emerged as the best cloth material, from which the sail is made with a trioptimal cut. With a trioptimal cut, the cut of the sail looks like a star, with the cloth panels travelling from each end of the sail towards the centre to form a star shape, where they merge seamlessly with the panels travelling from the other ends. With this cut, stronger material can be used in sections which come in for more heavy duty use, such as the leech, while lighter cloth material is used to make less sections which come under less strain. The genoa foot is heavily rounded so that it lies fully on the deck, even when the sail is gently eased off. Since in accordance with the class specifications, the APHRODITE IOI can only be sailed at regattas with one genoa (before, the number was not specified), we have developed a sail which can be used over the entire wind range, even at the top end. On the one hand, this has been achieved thanks to a significantly heavier cloth weight, which naturally also considerably increases the working life of the sail, while at the same time reducing the possibility of damage while manoeuvering. The other contributing factor is a luff curve and profile which have been optimally set to cope with this kind of situation. The basis for the OG-1B-PRO sail is the central running backstay tension (which is of course more fully tensioned for more wind and slackened off for less) and a forestay with headfoil, which is heavier and which sags slightly more. The genoa, with OG-1B jib hank is minimally fuller in the luff curve. The head and tack of the genoa have stainless steel Wichard snap hooks worked in, which make it possible to set or replace the sail without opening a tack or head shackle. The sail also comes with the trim line in the leech with velcro adjustment, two blue camber stripes, the sail number with national lettering in blue, ticklers along the sail luff, including a tickler window on the lower tickler pair. The measurement of the sail and the sail bag are of course included, and covered in the price.

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