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Overview sailing yachts
One Design Class
Aphrodite 101...
the new Diamant***
Diamant 2000...
H - Boat...
International 806...
Overview Service
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Small nautical dictionary
Overview 2nd hand boats
One Design Class
OPN 610 RIP built 2016
Christomare 31 Lobster-Motorboat built 2011
Aphrodite IOI built 1989
Diamant 3000 demonstration boat built 2014
Aphrodite IOI (421) built 1991
H-Boat built 1997
Diamant 3000 built 1997
Aphrodite IOI built 1985
Overview spare parts
One Design Class
Spare parts for:
  - Aphrodite 101
  - Diamant 3000
  - Diamant 2000
  - H - Boat
  - International 806
Contacting Ott Wassersport
One Design Class
Contacting dealers
http://www.ott-yacht.de Ott Wassersport