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One Design Class...
all our sailing yachts are representatives of one Design Classes. also our newest design the Diamant ***, as well as the Diamant 2000

Meetings across the globe...
With over 5,000 H - Boat class yachts, you can join the largest keel boat class in the world, with national and international championships.

With 500 Aphrodite 101 or International 806 boats which have been constructed, you can also participate in meetings on many sailing waters in Europe and across the globe.


H-Boat One design class
Regatta One design class
H - Boat (27┤)
Diamant *** Einheitsklasse
Regatta Einheitsklasse
Diamant *** (34┤)

Aphrodite 101
Aphrodite 101 (33┤)

International 806
International 806 (26┤)
Diamant 2000
Diamant 2000 One design class
Diamant 2000 (24┤)

Dynamic 2000
One design class
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One Design Class
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One Design Class
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One Design Class
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Overview 2nd hand boats
One Design Class
OPN 610 RIP built 2016
Christomare 31 Lobster-Motorboat built 2011
Aphrodite IOI built 1986
Diamant 3000 demonstration boat built 2014
Aphrodite IOI (421) built 1991
Aphrodite IOI demonstration boat built 2016
Diamant 2000 built 1996
H-Boat built 1997
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One Design Class
Spare parts for:
  - Aphrodite 101
  - Diamant 3000
  - Diamant 2000
  - H - Boat
  - International 806
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One Design Class
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