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22.08.02 Aphrodite 101 Worldcup:

from 29.8. to 1.9 in Überlingen

Aphrodite 101 Worldcup

The Aphrodite 101 World Cup is the bi-annual international class championship of the Aphrodite 101. This year, it will take place from 29.8. to 1.9 at Überlingen, and will be organised by the SMCÜ. With participants numbering up to 30 yachts and international teams, this event is one of the real regatta highlights on Lake Constance.

You will find detailed information about the Aphrodite 101 on the following pages

More on the 101 World Cup under: www.aphrodite101.com

14.07.02 New second-hand boats:

Just in: a DIAMANT 3000, a Diamant 2000 and an International 806.

New second-hand boats at Ott Yacht.

The Diamant 3000 (on the left in the photo), a display model from our Dutch dealer, built October 1999, hardly ever sailed. The boat is currently without an installed engine and can be purchased with or without engine. The International 806, also a display model, built March 2000, only sailed twice. In excellent condition, and a real bargain. The Diamant 2000 (on the right in the photo), built 1996, an extremely well maintained boat with trailer, outboard motor and North sails.

All are on view at our premises. We look forward to seeing you.

04.07.02 New regatta buoys in the Meersburg Yacht Club:

New regatta buoys in the Meersburg Yacht Club.

The buoys shown on the photo will be presented as a donation by us to the Meeersburg Yacht Club on Lake Constance for use in regattas.

The Meersburg Yacht Club organises a large number of class regattas, including a regatta with the APHRODITE IOI as the main class.

We are happy to have the opportunity to support the Meersburg Yacht Club with this small contribution. Many thanks.

01.06.02 We build an H-Boat:

GRP section of the H-Boat after the "wedding",
ready for the hardware fitting. Afterwards, the deck
covering will be affixed and the interior furnishings
will be completed. All in accordance with the class

The OL H-Boat, also known as the Danish H-Boat, has been built by us in Meersburg on Lake Constance since September 2000. We only use top quality materials in our own H-Boat forms, which are approved by the ISAF, and which conform to strict class regulations.

Norpol gel coat and Norpol polyester resin, isophthal acid-based, in the entire laminate in the hull and deck guarantee top GRP quality. For us, laminating with iso resin does not only mean applying a gel coat, and using iso resins for the prime coat, but throughout the entire laminate. An important quality factor in terms of later osmosis development.

26.05.02 Exhibition on the water:

The following weekend, we will be showing a DIAMANT 3000 and an INTERNATIONAL 806 on the water at Lake Starnberg, in the yacht harbour owned by Rambeck in Percha.

Diamant 3000

On Thursday, 30 May, a DIAMANT 3000 and and APHRODITE IOI will take part in a race as part of the traditional Lake Ammersee long-distance regatta, the "Geheimrat-Knustermann-Gedächtnis-Regatta" at the Bavarian Yacht Club (start 9 am, time limit to 6 pm).

On Friday, 31 May, from 11 am to 4 pm and on Saturday, 1 June from 11 am to 3 pm, our sailing yachts, the DIAMANT 3000 and the INTERNATIONAL 806 will be exhibited for viewing at the yacht harbour owned by Rambeck in Percha (Starnberg). We look forward to seeing you there.

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