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30.07.04 DIAMANT 3000 RC


Ott Yacht plans to present a new sail yacht out of the company-owned Diamant 3000: The DIAMANT 3000RC. The new boat will become a pure racer. The total weight will be only 1.600kg. Its equipped with a new canting-keel which also can be stroked from approx. 2.00 - 3,00m.

The rig is identically like that one of the Diamant 3000, however additionally with 130m2 large topgennaker and 140m2 topspinnaker, 40m2 topgenua as well as a drifter with 60m2 driven on a bowsprit. Commencement of construction of the prototype is planned on October 2004.

Technical Data:
LoA:     10,30m
BoA:      2,50m
Displ.    1,6to
Depth     3,00m (2,00m)

22.04.04 Ott Yacht got the order to deliver 5 DIAMANT 3000

Now, also Poland will become an international Match Race Centre on the Baltic-Sea in the new soon growing up harbour in Zopot near Gdansk (see also our earlier report on this website). The aim is to come into the Swedish Match Race Tour.

Hull of a Diamant 3000 after laminating

After a long way of negotiations Ott Yacht GmbH could sign a contract with the new union of the Town of Zopot, the Polish Sail-Union and the Yachting Foundation in Poland to deliver 5 DIAMANT 3000. The first boat is still under construction. Up to the summer, the first 3 boats have to be delivered, the other 2 boats the owner will have in autumn.

To the end of the year they will start with the first 3 Match Races in Grad 2 and 3; up from 2005 they will become a Grad 1 status. As to the most Grad 1 Match Races the worlds best yachtsmen, match-racers and Americas Cup competitors will come to participate in the races

01.03.04 Half-block models

Up from today we are able to deliver half-block models from our yachts APHRODITE IOI, DIAMANT 3000 and INTERN. 806.

Half-block model

This models are build in grp with white gel-coat. The blue stripes and the waterline is glued on with adhesive tape. The model is installed on a wooden teak plate, dark and varnished.

To the end of the year we also will be able to deliver such half-block models from our H-Boat and our DIAMANT 2000. By interest, please contact us under Info@ott-yacht.de

13.01.04 DIAMANT 3000 for Polish Match Race Center

We are in negations and closed to the contract with the Polish Yachting Foundation, which is together with the Polish Sailing Union and the town Bath Sopot in the set up of an intern. Match Race Centre, to deliver 5 DIAMANT 3000.

Match Race Center Poland

Bath Sopot is in the three town area of Gdyna, Bath Sopot and Gdansk and is in the north close to Danzig. On the longest nature mole of Europe, it is more than 500 m long, will be built a harbour in which the official Polish Match Race Centre will grow up.

The project will start to the end of this year with 3 Races in grade 2 and 3 and will became the status of grade 1 in 2005. About the further carrier of this project we will inform you here on this website. Here you will find more information about a sponsoring.

18.12.03 Info about CE-certificates

Purchased of second-hand boats - beware of CE red tape! Since May this year, the CE conformity legislation has become more stringent. This also applies to second-hand boats, particularly when importing a purchased second-hand boat into Switzerland.

At the border, the Swiss customs authorities are all too happy to clear boats and collect VAT and customs duties. However, new owners will get the real shock of their life when it comes to getting permission to sail on Swiss lakes.

For more information on this situation, and possible ways of dealing with this problem, look here.

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