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30.12.2005 BOOT 2006 in Düsseldorf / Germany

boot 2006
BOOT 2006 in Düsseldorf

The international watersports fair "BOOT" in Düsseldorf/Germany - the biggest one worldwide - will take place in January 2006 from 21st up to 29th daily from 10:00 AM to 6:00 PM.

There we exhibit a DIAMANT 3000 and an INTERNATIONAL 806, both of them the newest edition in hall 17 booth A 48. If you will stay in Düsseldorf during this week we invite you cordially to visit us at the fair.

16.09.2005 INTERBOOT 2005 in Friedrichshafen / Lake Constance

The INTERBOOT 2005 in Friedrichshafen / Lake Constance opens soon.

Interboot 2005
INTERBOOT 2005 in Friedrichshafen

From 24th of September up to 2nd of October we exhibit there in hall A 3, place number 100/11. We show there four of our five sailing yachts. The APHRODITE IOI, the H-BOAT, the INTERNATIONAL 806 and our biggest yacht, the DIAMANT 3000 in new colour-design.

We invite you to a visit to have a look on our yachts. The fair is open daly from 10.00 am to 6.00 pm.

09.09.2005 rade 1 Match-Race in Sopot

Ian Williams (GBR) actual no. 9 of the match-race world ranking list won the grade 1 Match Race in Bath Sopot in Poland (Gdansk) and could win consequently his second grade 1 race in five weeks.

Grade 1 Match-Race in Sopot
Diamant 3000 during Match-Race

In the finals he defeated Eugeniy Neugodnikov (RUS) with 3 to 2. For the first time in this match-race series they sailed the finals with our DIAMANT 3000 match-race boats.

The original comment of the yachtsmen: "The boats were fantastic during sailing. With size and sailing abilities they proved that they are fantastic boats for such race. Their acceleration, light wind sailing abilities and steering/circling abilities was very useful and made sailing more attractive both, for competitors and spectators".


12.05.2005 Win an optimist

OL-Opti von O.L.
O.L. - Optimist

During the industrial exhibition in Meersburg on 21 and 22 May 2005 we will draw a sail-finished O.L. trainings-optimist by lots in the value of 1,350 euro

How: By participation in a knot competition
Who: Everyone under 16 years which participates for a sailing club at Lake Constance
When: Saturday 12,00 to 16,00 o"clock and Sunday 10,00 to 14,00 o"clock
Where: Ott Wassersport (Ott Water Sports), Torenstrasse 10, 88709 Meersburg
Knots: Webleinstek, Kreuzknoten, Schotstek and Achtknoten

Drawing of the winner on Sunday, 14,00 o"clock by Mrs. Mayor Becker

10 are pulled out by all, the present one of them with the best time wins the optimist for his club (course of law excluded)

10.01.2005 new 2nd-hand boats available

Now you can find some new offers for 2nd-hand-boats on our website.

In detail it concerns the following models:

An International 806 built in 1984, a Diamant 2000 built in 2004 and an Aphrodite 101 built in 1991 with a new engine.

Further we can offer you a Banner 28 Racer built in 1985 as well as a new fix-hull life boat AVA 600 with a lenght of six meters and a 40 HP outboard engine.

As a special offer we have a classical sailing-yacht for you: a mahagoni-nature-lacquered 5.5mR - yacht (GER 22) built in 1964.

You can navegate between those offers using the navigation border here on the right side >>


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