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20.12.2006 X-mas

Ott Watersport wishes all visitors of this website merry chrismas as well as much success for all your projects in 2007.

Wintertime forest

We hope to see you again well recovered in the new year!

28.11.2006 Used boat: Dynamic 4000

Momentarily we can offer you a completely, special used yacht: It´s a Dynamic 4000 - really a unique and very maintained boat which is no more built today nevertheless it enjoys of a very great popularity.

Dynamic 4000
Dynamic 4000 in winter storage

Not only because of it´s speed but also due to its touring comfort this yacht is so popular. With regularity there is a Dynamic 4000 under the first 20 boats during the Lake Constance long-distance race "Blaues Band"!

More information you will get here!

13.09.2006 Interboot trade fair 2006

From 23th September until 1st October 2005, the INTERBOOT boat-fair will take place in Friedrichshafen, Germany, Lake Constance.

Interboot 2006
Diamant 2000 on the fair

We are already fully busy to install the booth for this fair and will exhibit a DIAMANT 2000, a DIAMANT 3000 and a APHRODITE IOI in Friedrichshafen trade fair, hall A 3 - 100/11.

Visit us, we will be happy to call you welcome!

Here you will find further dates of actual boat-fairs.

24.08.2006 Diamant 3000 Matchrace

From 30th August to 3rd September already the second grade 1 matchrace in Sopot in Poland (proximity of Danzig) takes place.

Sopot Match Race Center 2006
Diamant 3000 in Sopot

Having only thre Diamant 3000 available for sailing during the last year, the Sopot matchrace fleet increased this year up to five boats made by Ott Yacht.

We send our best wishes to the sailors and organizers of Sopot this way.

More info: photo gallery,

as well as the report Match Race Center Sopot on this website.

11.08.2006 Aphrodite 101 World Cup 2006

From 7th until 10th September 2006 this years´s Aphrodite 101 World Cup will take place on the Lake of Constance. This regatta with international participation accomplished in a two-year rhythm will be organized by the Yacht Club Kreuzlingen this year.

Aphrodite 101 World Cup 2006
Aphrodite 101 World Cup 2006

The Aphrodite 101 is a one design class and produced exclusively by Ott Yacht GmbH / Ott Water Sports. We are also an offical sponsor of the championship. This boat is internationally propagated as a regatta yacht on many sailing areas all around the world and was built nearly 500 times up to now.

More information about the Aphrodite 101 you will find here

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