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04.08.2010 OPN-610 ready

After a 4-month extensive testing phase now we have sat in the water our first series inflatable dinghy with a fix hull OPN 610.

Inflatable dinghy OPN 610
Jet-drived inflatable dinghy OPN 610

The boat has many excellent features. Firstly it is equipped with an aluminium inboard engine from Weber in Germany with a jet propulsion, offered with either 100 HP (for the Lake of Constance) and 143 HP. The entire drive unit with jet pump weighs less than 130 kg.

Furthermore this boat has many thoughtful details and a very special design. Moreover the version with teak deck and a roof above the stearing weel makes the OPN 610 to be a very special boat.

Technical data: 6,10m x 2,65m (without air 2,25m), Weight 850 kg, Top speed 35 Knots. Engine MPE 750 HO with 750 m³ with 100 PS or 143 HP.

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25.01.2010 News about Ott Yacht

We will soon be able to offer you a new product: The inflatable dinghy OPN 610 is the first model of a new generation of rigid inflatable boats (RIB) from Lake Constance.

Inflatable Dinghy OPN 610
Inflatable Dinghy OPN 610

A small preview of this innovative boat you see here (unfortunately just in German, but with pictures):


24.12.2009 Merry Christmas:

We just want to say to all our friends, customers as well as to all sailors and visitors of our website merry Christmas and a happy new year.

Winter landscape in the Odenwald forest in Germany
Winter landscape in the Odenwald forest in Germany

We wish you for the following sailing season always to have at least one finger of water under your keel!

21.08.2009 Leewards & Windwards Day 2009:

The 24th and 25th October our "Leewards & Windwards - Day" in Meersburg / Lake Constance will take place. Look behind the scenes of our boatyard and immerse yourself in the fascinating world of sailing. We will open our doors for you and we look forward to giving you all information about our services.


Luv & Lee 2009
Come to Meersburg

Promoter: Ott Yacht GmbH and Pfeiffer Sails, Meersburg / Lake Constance, Torenstrasse.

Tip Hanseboot 2009: from 24th of October upt to 1st of November 2009 our dealer Otto Jeschonnek from D-Flensburg www.806er.de will exhibit an INTERNATIONAL 806. We are looking forward to seeing you in hall A1, booth A1.131.

30.04.2009 Season begins:

Just in time for the beginning of the new sailing season Ott Yacht braught its customers yachts out of the winter storage on the water. 40 of the whole amount of approx. 60 yachts stored there where transported to the summer moorings just in April.

On the water...

Ott Yacht not only offers the pure winter storage but the fully service around the winter overhaul of your sailing or motor yacht like e.g.: Engine, battery, underwater renewals, repairs, sails etc... and much more. Upon request we take over your yacht in autumn in the marinas of Meersburg or Unteruhldingen Lake Constance and bring them back on the water in spring in the same harbour.

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