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Used boats ╗ Overview

We currently have the following used boats on offer:

built: 2016, 52,000.- EUR
LxBxD: 6,10m x 2.75m (2,15) x 0,30m
Engine: Textron MPE 850, inborad, 4 stroke, petrol, Jet drive, 155PS/HP
Christomare 31 Lobster-Motorboat Christomare 31 Lobster-Motorboat
built: 2011, 159,000.- EUR
LxBxD: 9,50/10,50m x 3,00m x 0,80m
Engine: Volvo D3, 160 PS/HP
Aphrodite IOI Aphrodite IOI
built: 1989, 48,000.- EUR
LxBxD: 9,95m x 2,40m x 1,70m
Engine: , 9PS/HP
Diamant 3000 demonstration boat Diamant 3000 demonstration boat
built: 2014, 125,000.- EUR
LxBxD: 10,40m x 2,50m x 1,85m
Engine: Nanni Diesel 2.1 NK, 10PS/HP
Aphrodite IOI (421) Aphrodite IOI (421)
built: 1991, 49,000.- EUR
LxBxD: 9,95m x 2,40m x 1,70m
Engine: Yanmar 1 GM 10,, 9PS/HP
H-Boat H-Boat
built: 1997, 29,000.- EUR
LxBxD: 8,28m x 2,18m x 1,30m
Engine: OB Honda BF 2,3, 2,5PS/HP
Diamant 3000 Diamant 3000
built: 1997, 34,000.- EUR
LxBxD: 10,40m x 2,50m x 1,75m
Engine: Yanmar 1GM 10, 10PS/HP
Aphrodite IOI Aphrodite IOI
built: 1885, 29,000.- EUR
LxBxD: 9,95m x 2,40m x 1,70m
Engine: Yanmar 1 GM 10, 9PS/HP

General information on used boats:
As a yacht boatyard here on Lake Constance, and as the sellers of our own yachts, the APHRODITE IOI, DIAMANT 2000 and 3000, H-BOAT and INTERNATIONAL 806, we have experienced an increase in demand for used boats, including for yachts outside our own range. We receive far more visits and queries from regular customers regarding used boats than we have boats to offer. This is a promising basis on which to sell boats.

We have sufficient showroom space to exhibit yachts for our customers, and to maintain them.

This is how it works: your yacht should be brought to our premises so that we can show it directly to interested customers. If you are not able to transport your yacht to us yourself, we will be happy to do it for you, including the provision of storage racks. We can make you an offer depending on the size of your yacht and your location.

When a sale is completed, we will take 9.5% of the purchasing price of the boat, incl. VAT, to cover advertising costs and as a sales commission. The boat will be assessed together with its owner in advance, and will be offered at this price. The agreement will be valid initially for 6 months, and will be automatically extended by a further 6 months if no cancellation is given. Usually, used boats remain on our premises for around 6 months before they are sold.

If the boat is recollected by the owner within the sale period or after one year has passed and no sale has been concluded, we will present an lump sum invoice for the show space and advertising costs for 500.00 Euros, incl. VAT. Should work need to be carried out on the boat, following the agreement of the owner, in order to make the boat more sellable, we will conduct this work in accordance with a prior offer.

If you are interested, give us a call or come and visit us. Even better, you can bring your "old item" directly to us. It doesn't matter how big it is. We will be happy to be of service to you.

If you would like more information, you are welcome to call us on +49 (0)7532 7145 or send a fax to: +49 (0)7532 1836.

Or write an email:, or simply use our contact form.

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OPN 610 RIP built 2016
Christomare 31 Lobster-Motorboat built 2011
Aphrodite IOI built 1989
Diamant 3000 demonstration boat built 2014
Aphrodite IOI (421) built 1991
H-Boat built 1997
Diamant 3000 built 1997
Aphrodite IOI built 1885
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