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A modern rig
The modern rig of the DIAMANT*** stands on deck and has no backstay or running backstay. This is made possible by two spreaders set at 30░ astern.

Without backstay or running backstay

A self-tacking jib on a furling system and a specially developed Lazy Jack boom, with which one can automatically release the Lazy Jack lines without leaving the cockpit, in interaction with a fully battened Fathead mainsail, makes handling the sails and thus sailing child┤s play.

Lazy Jack main boom

The sails are, of course, made of Maxx Aramid and the mainsail is equipped with a ballslide system within the mast, with which the sail can be moved with ease.

Gennaker instead of spinnaker
You will look in vain for a spinnaker on the DIAMANT***. This is as it should be for a modern yacht - when sailing down wind, you use only a top gennaker on an extendable gennaker pole with a one-line system that is integrated sideways into the hull. This reduces the lines on board to a minimum - no topping lift and downhauls, no barber haulers and, of course, no spi pole.

Sailing on the wind
The fully battened Fathead mainsail practically trims itself, making a traveler track in the cockpit redundant.


Gennaker instead of spinnaker

With a keel weight of 1.000 kg, the keel bulb┤s deep center of gravity gives the yacht a


large righting moment, in addition to the existing form stability of the hull. If necessary, one could always reef, was the experience we had when sailing.

Fathead mainsail

This says everything about the yacht's performance in a strong wind, but also with a light wind with a top gennaker with 115 m2.

A free cockpit
The cockpit is practically free of lines and connectors. Behind the cabin bulkhead in the cockpit, you only have the main sheet and the foresheet. The famous line salad in the cockpit no longer exists. Without a traveler track, you can move around freely in the entire cockpit.


Easy handling
With the self-tacking jib, sailing is easy without backstay and running backstay. When tacking, simply lay

Easy handling

the pole and move to the other bow. That's all you need to do. And should you wish to leave the rudder for a while, an autopilot that is permanently installed onto the rudder arm below deck will inconspicuously take over for you. It's as simple and comfortable as it gets.

Broad reach

Experience pays off
Our many years of experience as regatta sailors and producer of One Design Classes have paid off fully when designing this new DIAMANT***. When implemented, all our ideas for this new yacht have turned out to be

New keel

winners. In the end, we once again have created an exceptional yacht, and we're proud of it.

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